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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

10 Radius pop up

Henry and I went along to the brand new pop up 10 Radius. Hosted in the North Laines venue of Kooks 10 Radius' aimed is to;

'source, promote and celebrate the diverse, highest quality, seasonal produce from within 10 miles of Brighton'. 

The Menu and Atmosphere

The on-trend, simple menu was comprised of three ingredients to describe each course, adding a sense of excitement an intrigue for each course. I particularly loved the on-brand information before each course telling you who had supplied, sourced or grown the ingredients, and the miles away. Some of the suppliers were even at the event which was really inspirational and interesting to listen to, alongside the stunning complementary cocktails.  

The Food 

To start, we were served with four beautiful teaspoons of flavour. The first was a raw scallop served with a smooth avocado sauce on top, the second a chicken liver parfait croquette with crispy smokey bacon, a perfectly cooked quail's egg, and then a layered spoonful of sun-dried tomatoes, basil and beautifully fresh mackerel. Finally a small glass filled with a stunning 'fish and chips' with a flakey fish and smooth batter and crunchy potato crisps; brought together with a perfectly seasoned aioli.

Next, the most beautifully presented vegetarian course I have ever been served. Bursting with colours and flavours, the pickled and fresh vegetable shavings amongst a tomato consomm√© was a light and refreshing dish. A few more of the stand out ingredient, beetroot, would have brought the dish up for me. 

The fish course was described as sea trout-lentils-leeks but was so much more. With perfectly flaking rainbow trout, crispy leeks and squid ink shard, the lentil and squid ink side was perfectly smooth and full of flavour. The broad beans were a little bitter but added a vibrant green and freshness to the dish.

The palette cleanser was a smooth sorbet, with a fizz of wine and a smooth aftertaste of elderflower. 

Next was the stand out dish for Henry. The perfectly cooked and beautifully smooth beef fillet was stunning, served with an oxtail croquette, the meat was tender and full of flavour with the crisp exterior. I really enjoyed the aniseed taste of the fennel and the bitterness of the spinach alongside with the smooth meat. 

The strawberry-sparkling wine-cream course was a delicate quartet of puddings. Two cakes were served; one smooth and light with a cream and strawberry element and the other sticky and sweet. The ginger flavoured panna cotta was perfectly set and a light change to the other puddings. My favourite however, was the chocolate truffle with a crunchy exterior and rich smooth filling.

Finally, to end the meal, was a fresh citric dessert. Due to my allergies I could not eat the citrus terrine but it was a unique, fresh and stunning dessert. Served alongside the terrine was a creme fraiche ice cream. I loved the sweetness of the ice cream without losing the distinct taste of creme fraiche. 

The Service and Allergies 

The staff were not only knowledge but clearly passionate about the food they were serving. With an attention to detail and full descriptions of the course, the level of customer service and high and the atmosphere relaxed. For a first night, the service was good and all the food came out looking consistent and tasting beautiful. Due to the set menu there wasn't much scope to adapt the menu for allergies, however, with the full knowledge on service I never felt like I didn't know what I was eating. 

The addition of being able to meet the chef at the end of the meal really added to the enjoyment for the evening, I cannot wait until their next venture, and to find out more of what 10 Radius will bring in the future. 


Sunday, 16 July 2017

Summer book club

I feel like summer is nearly here. Maybe it's the vague tan lines or the large stock of ice cream in my fridge? Mainly I think it's because I work in a school and we are now in the process of winding down for the summer holidays. As with every summer period though there are a few traditions that I like to do. The main one is READING. In particular, the summer book club. 

This is something I have done with my mum for the last couple of years; we take it in turn to pick a selection of books and we both read them at the same time and feed back. This year we have picked the following books:

Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D. Schmidt

This book was actually brought to my attention through the Zoella book club, recommended by the very talented Jennifer Niven. The story is told through the eyes of 12-year-old Jack, who meets 14-year-old Joseph when he is fostered by his family. The story is based around the young boy developing his understanding of Joseph's life and most importantly, the search for his daughter Jupiter. 

The Wonder by Emma Donoghue

Written by the amazing author Emma Donoghue, who wrote one of mine and my mother's favourite books; Room. When we found this book we knew we needed to add it to the list. Based on the story of a nurse who travels to visit a young girl who appears to be living off 'manna from heaven'. I am hoping that this will have the suspense of room, with perhaps less of the heart break (but I doubt that)

Letters to the lost by Brigid Kemmer

The book is based on two strangers communicating through one of my favourite things, letters. The story begins with Juliet writing to her deceased mother and Declan, whilst on community service; when she finds the letter, she cannot help but write back. I am excited to see how this book is written and how their stories will intertwine. 

After the fire by Will Hill

'Father John controls everything inside the fence, and Father John likes the rules'. 

This is another recommendation from the Zoella book club. It tells the story of Moonbean questioning the life that she has been living and what she will do about it. I love a good cult story, and with this being the longest story, this is the fourth in the book club. 

If we manage to get through all of these then it will be up to my mum to pick the next two, but what would your suggestions be? Let me know on twitter or tag me in your #summerreads on instagram @brightonbbblog 


Sunday, 9 July 2017

A weekend in London

As some of you know, my mum works away ALOT. She is a maternity nurse, so goes into other people's homes to look after newborns. She helps to get them into routines, and teaches parents skills that they need, like breastfeeding or sleeping routines. This can mean she is away for up to 3 months, so when she is around between jobs we always try to make an effort to go on an adventure. This time it was LONDON.

We stayed in a hotel called K West in Shepherds Bush, just around the corner from the amazing Westfields. The room was comfortable and stylish with the biggest mirror I've ever seen and separate desk area; it came with an iPad and a phone that you could use out of the room as well. 

Downstairs was a library decorated with multicoloured light bulbs, books and bean bags on the floor. With a Mac suite and a busy bar, the whole hotel was amazing.

We spent the evening in the downstairs with cocktails and snacks, then headed to bed for a day of shopping and exploring. We headed to Le Pain Quotidien for breakfast; mum went for a petit dejeuner (a selection of bread and pastries), and I went for avocado on toast with scrambled egg and seeds. I would have liked a bit more avocado on the toast, but that's just me. 

We decided to head to Box Park in Shoreditch on the recommendation of fellow blogger FoodandBaker. It was amazing, full of not only different places to eat and drink but also independent shops, salons and entertainment (you are able to rent a unit for a month upwards so there was some really unique stuff around). The highlight for me was definitely the ball pit and this amazing hand wallpaper that we found in a small nail salon. 

We decided to end our visit to Box Park with something sweet; and what better than an ice cream from Soft Serve society. With an amazing selection of sundaes, toppings and freakshakes mum and I opted for the charcoal coconut ice cream cone. They were amazing, a perfectly smooth texture ice cream with the creaminess of coconut and the extra addition of charcoal taste and of course colour!

I can't wait to head back to Box Park soon to try out some of the other amazing foods! Do you have any recommendations of where to go when I am there, or other good places to eat in London?
Let me know @brightonbbblog

Thursday, 6 July 2017

21 thoughts you have at an Adele concert

Last week I was lucky enough to be taken to see ADELE with my mum. I had never seen her before but after following her for years, I can confidently say she is one of my favourite artists. My mum and I set off after work; full of excitement and wearing matching embroidered shirts! Here are the thoughts that I and probably many others had whilst there: 

1. Why is the station it told me to go to so far away from the stadium?

2. Okay this is very high

3. Don't spill your drink on their heads. Don't spill your drink on their heads. 

4. Okay, you're not going to stand- bum in your face then!

5. There is no way I am doing that all again too wee

6. Is that her, no it's it? 


8. This is my favourite song ever!

9. No this is my favourite song ever.

10. Where's my phone? I must capture this moment!

11. I don't need to capture the person behind me singing, I hope I don't sound that bad 

12. No way, fireworks?! 

13. She is the only artist who I am not annoyed about talking between songs

14. NOOOO this is my favourite song

15. I am going to have no voice tomorrow, and I do not care!!

16. Please don't be the last song

17. I cannot cope, she is amazing!!

18. That was the best concert I have ever been to

19. I think I probably need all of the merchandise, ooh an Adele cup PERFECT. 

20. How much? I'll just take home the memories

21. This journey home is going to suck....


Sunday, 2 July 2017

14 things you learn when you move out

When I was younger I remember dreaming about adulthood, and all of the exciting things that I would have and I would be able to do. But when I moved out at 18 to go to uni and now I am living in the second place with Henry; there are definitely some things I didn't think I'd learn about 'adulting' and especially about living away from parents!

1. There is always washing up to do, but in the morning you will never have washed up the things you want

2. There are always clothes to deal with. They need washing, drying, folding, putting away! And let's not even talk about ironing!!

3. Speaking of clothes where have all my PAIRS of socks gone (and why are his socks so big?!)

4. Cleaning products and extra cutlery are more important that you'll first realise!

5. Toilet roll, for something so essential, is really expensive and is always nearly running out

6. Rent is way more expensive than you realised, and that's not even talking about all the random fees your agency like to add on!

7. No matter how much you plan a food shop you will always get home and want something else!

8. You can never have enough home decor.. candles, plants, pointless stationary

9. There is always a lot of home decor you no longer like/need/want just sitting on the side being annoying

10. All those herbs your mum uses in cooking, you actually need to buy and stock up on them. Often.

11. You're never too old to make a Den

12. The best thing is watching whatever you want, wearing whatever you want, eating whatever you want!

13. Long baths are amazing, but expensive things... who knew all those lush products you love didn't come cheap!

14. Going home to your parents is still the best thing you can do, how do they always have so much food?

What lessons did you learn when you moved out? Let me know @brightonbbblog

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