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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Making my own Magnum ice-cream

This Saturday, Henry and I decided to head into London for a last minute day trip. We decided to wander around a couple of places and head to somewhere very exciting after lunch: The Magnum pop up 'pleasure store'. Essentially a pop-up store based near Covent Garden in which you can design your own Magnum ice cream from a selection of chocolates and toppings- amazing right? 

Unfortunately, it is only a pop-up and is only around for a short amount of time; this one is open until September 10th so if you're in the area make sure you head down.

The steps are simple. First, you decide if you want to go single or double; for £2 extra you can have a second layer of chocolate on your ice cream. You then pick three of the toppings that you want. I was really impressed with the selection of toppings and with each one having their own scoop, it is great from an allergy point of view. 

I went for a single with milk chocolate, salted caramel balls, white chocolate shavings and dried raspberry. There was a great selection there, from almond and pistachio to sea salt and chocolate balls. 
These are then put into a container and taken to the ice cream assembly section. 

You can pick from classic, white or dark chocolate. They dip the already set ice cream into the chocolate and then lay into a box which already has half of your toppings in. They then spread the toppings out on top and add the drizzle of chocolate; your choice of milk, dark or white. 

Lovingly finished with the Magnum branding, your ice cream is served. They advise you to wait a couple of minutes for the ice cream to set, but by the time you take pictures it's ready to eat. 

It's not the most beautifully posed picture, but I was so excited to eat the ice cream that I didn't want to wait! Plus it was a really hot day and this was the perfect way to cool down!
 Let me know which flavours you would have gone for in the comments below.


Monday, 21 August 2017

My teenage blog posts

Do you ever wish you could talk to your younger self? I wrote a post yesterday with a letter to my teenage self, but in reality we don't really get the chance to hear the voice of your younger self..UNLESS you find an old blog. I had completely forgotten about my very first blog, and when i stumbled across it this morning I realised it would  be great to share. So here are some snippets from my 18 year old selfs blog:

"So this is the first line of my first blog and I feel I should write something thought provoking, inspiring or even sensual...Hello I'm Amara and I'm 18 years old. 
I go to college but its complicated , I love to dance but its complicated, I love my friends but its complicated ,I love my family but they're complicated. 
This is my life. Its complicated."

""Its funny. When I was like 15 all I wanted to do was get older. Now I am and I can do anything I want. I'm legally an adult. And Ive never felt more like a kid in my life get me?"(Lexi in Adulthood) 
Well that's it, its all over. 
College is done and finished with and I am still not sure how I feel. I have been praying for this for about 6 months now; the days I don't have to drag myself out of bed to go in for yet another day of torture. Extreme I know. 
I did love college in the beginning, that sense of apparent freedom and the independence to wear whatever i wanted, on my breaks go wherever I wanted and finally having the options to only do the lessons I loved. Well that sense of freedom soon wore off; the letters home from missed lessons and deadlines that still had to be met. The lessons id chosen began to grow more and more dull and the buzz of college life became a distant memory. 
But now its done, finished and I am surprisingly not as happy as I was before. Don't get me wrong the idea of finishing college is amazing. I never have to go back to that building again (other than the dreaded exams) and I will never have to reply to another email from my tutor but what does finishing college mean? 
I'm an 18 year old who has finished full time education. The world is my oyster...the world is a massive ocean and I'm now bobbing along..Ive finished college, I'm officially an adult.  
The quote from Adulthood that I attached earlier was how I felt at the moment when I left my finally lesson. I can do whatever I want, I'm into uni but I have no obligation to go. I have a part time job, I could make it full time. I can do whatever I want. 
Anyone else think that's the scariest prospect ever?"

There were a few other posts that I will share soon, its mostly quotes, pictures and talking about dance but it was so much fun to have a look through and reminisce- and remember to enjoy the moment because you never know whats around the corner! Keep an eye out for my Letter to my teenage self post. 

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Wildfire Women 2017

Firstly, where the hell have I been?! It's been three weeks since I put up a weekend post and if I am completely honest, I have just been too darn busy. Between the end of the term, moving flat and visiting family my blog has taken a bit of a back seat- but I am back now, and I am ready to be inspired!

Which is where Wildfire Women steps in!

Wildfire women is an upcoming weekend event that I am so excited to not only be involved with but to be attending! It is a conference/collaboration of inspirational speakers, workshops and networking opportunities in the heart of Brighton.

The website boasts that this will be a weekend of "creative inspiration, collaboration. confidence building and career clarity" and how could you turn that down?! 

There are often events in Brighton that claim some of these things but I genuinely believe this is going to be an amazing weekend! Filled with speakers such as the founders of Wildfire women Cat rose and Thea Anderson, the founder of the amazing city girl network Pippa Moyle, a social media and marketing consultant AND the founder of BelongCon Alice Reeves and so much more!

The event will be running on September the 9th and 10th and will be held at the Synergy Centre on West Street. But the excitement starts before then, keep your eyes out for upcoming competitions to win free tickets and other information on the build up of the event. 

If you are interested in coming along then click the link below to get your tickets.

And don't be nervous about turning up on your own! Wildfire women are offering 2 for 1 tickets for all weekend ticket holders!

HERE ARE et ready for a weekend of creative inspiration, collaboration, confidence building and career clarity. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Be Chocolat

There is no such thing as too many chocolate shops! Which is why when the new Be Chocolat opened in the laines in Brighton I was so excited. The shop is a handmade chocolate shop not only selling handmade chocolate and personalised chocolate selection boxes, but also a menu filled with delicious hot chocolate and milkshakes. Even selling dairy free and vegan options, and catering to a range of other dietary requirements. 

I loved that not only did the shop have all of the chocolate on display; from crafted pieces and chocolate chips, to beautifully rustic slabs and shards. But also the master chocolateriers were right there in the shop, working away on the creations. Producing beautiful food but also an amazing smell that hits you as soon as you walk in the shop.

Be Chocolat kindly gifted me with one of their chocolate selection boxes; you can pick from a selection of chocolates which are packed in a handmade box by one of the amazing staff; sporting a very beautiful white glove. 

They then have a choice of stamps for you to personalise the box or a card for inside the box wihich including my favourite;  I LOVE BTN. 

I was lucky enough to receive white chocolate discs and double checker milk chocolate coins, almond and hazelnut topped milk chocolate and some dark chocolate caramels. And finally the most amazing white chocolate and pink marshmallow chocolate lollipop!

My favourite was definitely the double decker milk chocolate disc. I can't wait to head back down there soon to try one of their menu items; you can't go wrong with a hand crafted chocolate milkshake. Let me know if you decide to head down there and tag me in any pictures!

All of the chocolate was complimentary however views are my own, and you all know that's true because I love me some chocolate!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

10 Radius pop up

Henry and I went along to the brand new pop up 10 Radius. Hosted in the North Laines venue of Kooks 10 Radius' aimed is to;

'source, promote and celebrate the diverse, highest quality, seasonal produce from within 10 miles of Brighton'. 

The Menu and Atmosphere

The on-trend, simple menu was comprised of three ingredients to describe each course, adding a sense of excitement an intrigue for each course. I particularly loved the on-brand information before each course telling you who had supplied, sourced or grown the ingredients, and the miles away. Some of the suppliers were even at the event which was really inspirational and interesting to listen to, alongside the stunning complementary cocktails.  

The Food 

To start, we were served with four beautiful teaspoons of flavour. The first was a raw scallop served with a smooth avocado sauce on top, the second a chicken liver parfait croquette with crispy smokey bacon, a perfectly cooked quail's egg, and then a layered spoonful of sun-dried tomatoes, basil and beautifully fresh mackerel. Finally a small glass filled with a stunning 'fish and chips' with a flakey fish and smooth batter and crunchy potato crisps; brought together with a perfectly seasoned aioli.

Next, the most beautifully presented vegetarian course I have ever been served. Bursting with colours and flavours, the pickled and fresh vegetable shavings amongst a tomato consomm√© was a light and refreshing dish. A few more of the stand out ingredient, beetroot, would have brought the dish up for me. 

The fish course was described as sea trout-lentils-leeks but was so much more. With perfectly flaking rainbow trout, crispy leeks and squid ink shard, the lentil and squid ink side was perfectly smooth and full of flavour. The broad beans were a little bitter but added a vibrant green and freshness to the dish.

The palette cleanser was a smooth sorbet, with a fizz of wine and a smooth aftertaste of elderflower. 

Next was the stand out dish for Henry. The perfectly cooked and beautifully smooth beef fillet was stunning, served with an oxtail croquette, the meat was tender and full of flavour with the crisp exterior. I really enjoyed the aniseed taste of the fennel and the bitterness of the spinach alongside with the smooth meat. 

The strawberry-sparkling wine-cream course was a delicate quartet of puddings. Two cakes were served; one smooth and light with a cream and strawberry element and the other sticky and sweet. The ginger flavoured panna cotta was perfectly set and a light change to the other puddings. My favourite however, was the chocolate truffle with a crunchy exterior and rich smooth filling.

Finally, to end the meal, was a fresh citric dessert. Due to my allergies I could not eat the citrus terrine but it was a unique, fresh and stunning dessert. Served alongside the terrine was a creme fraiche ice cream. I loved the sweetness of the ice cream without losing the distinct taste of creme fraiche. 

The Service and Allergies 

The staff were not only knowledge but clearly passionate about the food they were serving. With an attention to detail and full descriptions of the course, the level of customer service and high and the atmosphere relaxed. For a first night, the service was good and all the food came out looking consistent and tasting beautiful. Due to the set menu there wasn't much scope to adapt the menu for allergies, however, with the full knowledge on service I never felt like I didn't know what I was eating. 

The addition of being able to meet the chef at the end of the meal really added to the enjoyment for the evening, I cannot wait until their next venture, and to find out more of what 10 Radius will bring in the future. 

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